Brian Walker氏によるRoguelike Game。現在のバージョンは1.4.3。~
Brian Walker氏によるRoguelike Game。現在のバージョンは1.5.0。~
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* 1.4系からの変更点
- Dungeons now include interactive “quest rooms,” which include lock-and-key puzzles, collapsing/flooding terrain, hidden items, elaborate traps, challenges, boss monsters and more.
- All new weapons: spears/pikes, which hit an adjacent enemy and the enemy behind it; axes, which hit all adjacent enemies; and maces/hammers, which hit twice as hard and require an extra turn to recover afterward.
- Added item description screens, which include useful statistics about the item and are accessible via the inventory or by examining a discarded item on the ground.
- New monsters, items and weapon/armor runic abilities.
- Monster descriptions include statistics about how certain staffs and wands will harm or affect the monster, and whether the monster is carrying an item that it stole from you.
- Messages and monster descriptions are color-coded for clarity.
- Monsters that can blink will now do so more intelligently to approach enemies, flee attackers and escape harmful terrain.
- Numerous tweaks to make colors crisper and the interface less distracting.
- Allies get stronger over time at a faster rate, are able to attack wall turrets, and are better at following you down pits and stairs.
- Monsters are no longer generated in sight of the level start.
- Merged Potions of Healing and Extra Healing; eliminated Scrolls of Sanctuary.
- Gold is now generated independently from items, both to reduce the variance of per-game aggregate gold quantity and to stop gold from being generated at the expense of items.
- Rings now auto-identify after being worn for a while, similarly to armor and weapons.
- Subtle change in ally color to distinguish allies from enemies.
- Spectral blades and other inanimate creatures do not avoid gas clouds if the clouds would not affect them.
- Wisdom is now a ring instead of an armor runic.
- Reflection is now an armor runic instead of a ring.
- Cancellation is now called negation; certain monsters are marked as animated by magic and will die if negated. New Scrolls of Negation will negate all creatures and items within your field of view (but will not affect items in your inventory). Negated weapons, armor and rings will lose their magical properties, and negated wands and staffs will lose their charges.
- Scrolls of Sanctuaryの削除。
- Added a point of damage to darts.
- Creatures exposed to fire will burn about half as long.
- The duration of entrancement no longer varies with the target’s maximum health.
- Auto-resting will terminate if you are embedded in an obstruction and it dissolves.
- When pink jellies split, their health is divided between their progeny, and they have commensurately more health initially.
- Items and monsters won’t spawn in hallways or doorways, but items may spawn in shallow water.
- Detect magic icons are now also color-coded to distinguish good items from bad.
- The ‘D’iscoveries screen specifies whether the detect magic potion will flag that item as good or bad magic.
- Wands and staffs that are meant to target enemies once identified will not default to auto-aiming at captive monsters.
- You can now see allies that are invisible (and wands of invisibility will auto-identify if you use them on an ally).
- New special effects for magic mapping and aggravate monsters scrolls.

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