Brian Walker氏によるRoguelike Game。現在のバージョンは1.5.1。~
Linux、Windows、MacOS Xそれぞれに向けたバイナリやソースコードが公開されている。

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* v1.5.1での新要素
- New mouse control features that combine examine mode with auto-travel, and that make the game fully playable without the use of vi-keys. Some related changes to key commands.
- New quest rooms, some tweaks to existing quest rooms, and some new flavor terrain throughout the dungeon.
- Added Scrolls of Shattering.
- Added a brief alert that pops up next to the player when your health drops below 40, 25, 10 or 5%.
- Added a message informing you what kind of item a scroll, potion, wand or staff is when its effects identify it (in addition to marking the item category as identified).
- Added flavor text for impassible terrain, accessible by “bumping” the terrain.
- Items in certain treasure rooms will be pre-identified.
- Liches are now more interesting.
- Explore mode will not seek out keys, since picking them up often triggers traps, and it will be interrupted when a key or stairs are discovered.
- “Dungeon” reward rooms now contain only two imprisoned allies.
- Starvation is now gradual. When your nutrition level reaches zero and you have no food, your health will decrease by 1 every turn and will not regenerate.
- Pink jellies have slightly less health.
- For balance reasons, allies will cast healing magic less frequently and less effectively, will absorb enemy abilities half as frequently, and will improve their other stats about 40% slower.
- Monsters with only one maximum health point will not display a health bar.
- The player’s throwing range has been shortened.
- When displaying the player’s armor while wearing unidentified armor, the strength penalty/bonus will be taken into account even though the armor enchantment level, if any, will not.
- Fixed a bug that could lead to insufficient food being generated.
- Fixed a bug that could cause an item placed randomly on the level by one quest room to be rendered inaccessible by another quest room.
- Fixed various issues with the item details screen for certain items, especially runic weapons and armor and the Staff of Tunneling.
- Fixed an errant message when drinking a potion of paralysis.
- The player turns a shade of blue instead of purple when standing in dark shadows.
- Scrolls of negation will now properly strip curses from rings on the floor in addition to enchantments.
- Wands of plenty will clone their target but also halve its health.
- On Mac OS X, saved games and recordings will be placed in ~/Library/Application Support/Brogue instead of the same folder as the application.
- When saving a recording or saved game, the suggested filename will be incremented as necessary to default to an unused name.

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