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// * Randomness
* ランダム性
NetHack is a game of randomness.~
Every game should be different and unpredictable.~
Everything that isn't random should have a valid reason for this. ~

// * Challenge
* 新たなる挑戦
NetHack is meant to be hard.~
In every stage of the game it should be challenging.~
This can be achieved by closing or removing easy loopholes, by increasing dangerous situations in the game or by adding more dangerous monsters. ~

// * Fun
* 楽しさ
NetHack should be fun although it is meant to be hard.~
NetHack has never taken itself too seriously and UnNetHack doesn't want to break this tradition. 

// * misc
* その他
A spoilered player shouldn't have an advantage over an unspoiled one only because he knows of some code-specific behavior that can't be discovered in-game.~
In contrast to Slash'Em not every conceivable patch should be incorporated but it should be tried to keep a good game balance.~
Vanilla bugs should be fixed. The more impact on game play a bug has the sooner it should be fixed.~
Items that differ by their cursed, uncursed, blessed state should have clearly different effects when used. ~

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