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* NetHackでは

// Scores in NetHack grow without limit.
// For every killed monster the player gets the same number of points.
For regular monsters this is not really a problem as after a specific number of kills these monsters won't be generated again.~
// Unique monsters like the Wizard of Yendor or the riders can be killed infinite times. 

* UnNetHackでは

// In UnNetHack the score points per monster kill are decoupled from the experience points and decrease continuously with every kill.
// For the first kill, the complete points are awarded, the second kill yields only half points, the third kill only a third, etc.
// This leads to smaller scores than in vanilla NetHack. For the early and mid game UnNetHack's scores are about half as large as in NetHack. For the late game and pre-ascension, the score is between 0.5 and 2 Million points.
つまりvanilla NetHackよりスコアが低くなります。序盤〜中盤ではUnNetHackでのスコアはNetHackの半分程度となり、終盤から昇天直前にかけては、スコアは500,000〜2,000,000の範囲となります。~
With this method of scoring the doubling of the score and counting of the value of the items for ascension have again a noticeable impact on the final score. 

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