// The Blackmarket([http://nethackwiki.com/wiki/Black_Market NethackWiki-Link]) should be another option (besides the Oracle and buying protection) where the player can spend his (resp. Croesus') money. Although robbing shouldn't be made completely impossible, it should be as hard as possible. 

// These changes have been applied to the Blackmarket compared to the latest Slash'Em development code:

// - Izzy the rhaumbusun (a non-existant monster in UnNetHack) has been changed to a salamander
- イズィーと名付けられたランブサンはサラマンダーに変更 (UnNetHackにランブサンはいないため)
// - Level has been made non-passable, preventing robbing by polymorphing into a phasing monster (e.g. Xorn)
- 壁抜けモンスター(例:ゾーン)への変化による盗み防止のため、フロア全域が壁抜け不能に
// - More money is needed to pacify an angry blackmarket shopkeeper
- 怒った闇の店の店主をなだめるにはより多くの金が必要
// - Potential pets are no longer generated (patch for Slash'Em by Silas Dunsmore)
- Potential pets((犬猫馬、要するにエサを投げただけでペットになるもの))は生成されない (Silas DunsmoreのSlash'EMへのパッチより)
// - Thiefbane has been made non wishable
// - シーフベーンは願えない((Slash'EMでもそうだったと思うけれど…))
// - The blackmarket shopkeeper not leaving the blackmarket when only one of his assistants has been attacked has been fixed  
- 助手モンスターが一匹でも攻撃された時に店主が店の外に出てこないのを修正
// - Conflict makes blackmarket shopkeeper angry
- 闘争能力はブラックマーケットの店主を怒らせる


RIGHT:''原文:http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/unnethack/wiki/LevelBlackmarket ''

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